1. My passions are the things I am passionate about, my passions are the things that make sense when everything else seems like rubbish.


  2. "We prefer listening to music that matches our mood because it validates the mood and is therapeutic."
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  3. "You’re under no obligation to be the same person you were five minutes ago."
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    I thought so.

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  7. Ambitious Loser

    A short safe life is what I’ve been living. I’m leaving my bubble, gonna make a couple of reckless decisions.

    I’m going to gamble my time and put it all on the line,

    Not going as far as to commit any crimes,

    I will seize the day, Monday through Saturday will be mine,

    (for the record ive been quoted in my yearbook saying YOLO before Drake)

    (but i haven’t practiced it as much has he has) 

    I’ve got nothing to lose life is not that dangerous,

    Life is a never ending adventure,

    About time i become a little more adventurous.


  8. AVID

    sometimes I think my standards are impossible to meet, but then I remember that I set em so high because settling for anything but the best is something I find difficult to do. Someone once said to me “your trying to put your hands somewhere they can’t reach” but that doesn’t discourage me, the fear of regret prevails over their logic. Being an ambitious loser seems less tragic than being a regretful settler that settles for anything.

  9. It was such a beautiful day, so beautiful I had to frame it.

  10. Art

  11. this is one stellar photograph. i know its not no rocketship, but to infinity and beyond!!

  12. maybe its because im hip, i think film photography is a bit cooler than digital. being limited with film means every photograph has to be a good one. Could this relic of the past be my next frontier.

  13. im not old enough to get one if i wanted, and im too young for a mid life crisis so ill have to.

    the struggles of a young adult. :/ vroom vroo………..

  14. i don’t have the type of paintbrush i need to paint the kind of pictures i have in mind

    i need one of these^^^^^


  15. doing what’s expected sucks

    i used to conform 

    now I’ve pondered my way outside of the box

    I’ve thought so far out the box

    I cant see where i came from

    outside the box Radical is the norm